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Padre Vostro

EvilSpell's story begins in the spring of 2006. At the time, Filo (guitar), Igor (drums) and
Fra (bass) play in the Templars, but after finding themselves performing without the
vocalist and the second guitarist when these decide not to show up at a concert at the last
minute, that night on stage EvilSpell is born. At first they manage as a threesome,
composing and holding some concerts. After finding a guitarist and singer in Salvo, in the
winter of the same year they record their first demo. After a few months and only one
concert together, and just before the next live show, Salvo suddenly leaves the band.
Soon after, as if by fate, Filo meets Paul on the train and offers him to rehearse with them,
revealing himself to be a perfect fit. In a short time, Paul earns himself the part of fullfledged second guitarist, and thus begins a period of great development for the band. In
September 2007 they record the second demo, First Attack: five pieces characterized by
more extreme sounds and themes, which take EvilSpell onto the path that will lead them to
forge their unmistakable style. With this demo EvilSpell begin to get noticed, the
increasingly tight line-up spends two full years regularly performing throughout northern
Italy and continues to compose, until it decides to take another step forward. Between
September and November 2009 they enter the studio to give life to their first album,
AntiSocial Satan: nine very old school speed/thrash songs, influenced by the sound of
bands such as early Slayer and Cranium. The album, released in March 2010, meets with
considerable success in the Italian underground, earning the band a series of headlining
Suddenly, the tragedy: in the night between 30 and 31st October, Fra commits suicide
without explanation, leaving only a message of thanks to his brothers-in-arms and the
recommendation to always keep going. At the concert on November 6th, held to say
goodbye to their brother and bandmate, a lot of people show up revealing the immense
respect and following that supports the band. It's really tough but EvilSpell don't give up,
paying homage to Fra even in refusing to replace him. In 2013 they sign for Black Side
Records, under which they release, in December, the second full-length, Necrology.
Written partly before and partly after Fra's passing, the bass lines recorded by Paul and
Filo, it features angry and fast tracks, a mix of thrash, speed and black. Around the same
time, AntiSocial Satan is reissued on CD by L.A Riot Survivor Records. Many live dates
await this explosive trio, during which they vulcanise their style and their network of
supporters and admirers. In March 2014 three raw songs recorded live in the rehearsal
room end up on the first split of the band, together with friends Gemini from Turin. In the
autumn of 2015 the Hungarian Thrash Zone Records reissues the two full-lengths on
cassette: 150 tapes are printed of each, in limited hand numbered edition.
After seven years without a bass player, in June 2017 the trio decide, amidst criticism and
compliments, to recruit a brother, friend, companion of a thousand adventures as well as
supporter and... bearer of ours truly. This is how Gigi Corinto completes the lineup, and the
EvilSpell sound takes on all of the frequencies, leading to a 360 degree completeness of
sonority. After two self-organized summer festivals, the first in Brianza and the second in
Valsassina, the band once again fully integrates the bass into their repertoire.
The years pass and the concerts scattered throughout Italy and Europe see them perform
alongside bands of a certain weight, such as Possessed, Venom Inc., and many others.
The band continues to spread their uneasiness around, and harbours the thought of
recording a third album. Unfortunately, the project is undermined by several vicissitudes...
more or less pleasant (children, injuries, divorces, pandemics ...), and only towards the
end of 2020 do they manage to enter Toxic Basement studio to record. Now, after two long
years of gestation, Evilspell are ready to unleash their third feat: Padre Vostro encloses in
speed/black anger the last years, spent behind the instruments and alongside a life full of
obstacles... yet that which does not kill you, only makes you stronger. Thanks to
Blasphemous Records, which will release the album in both physical and digital format, the
malignant quartet is preparing to spread their irreverent message to the darkest corners of
the world. Abandon all hope, you who listen - to posterity the arduous sentence!