Antanas Butvila - vocal Andrey Gonchar - guitar Roman Flora - guitar Ilya Pechenyuk - bass Vasily Semyonov - drums NAVALM group was founded in 2009 in Sevastopol. The initial composition of Andrew Gonchar (guitar), Ilya Pechenyuk (bass) and Vasily Semyonov (drums). Later they were joined by Sergey Semenov (vocals) and Sviatoslav Karpenko (guitar). This composition was recorded debut album "Recovery Of Sync". The CD was released in September 2013 on the label "Metal Scrap Records". The album received quite a warm welcome from critics. On the record written numerous articles and reviews from around the world. In addition to the main direction of Death Metal on the debut album and you can hear elements of such styles as Punk rock, Thrash, Death'n 'Roll and Grind Core. Next group decided not to stop, started writing material for the next album. The record was held just a new cast. Svyatoslav Karpenko replaced guitarist Roman Flora, a new singer became Antanas Butvila.