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Unlock your Freedom

PARRIS HYDE is the new band of Parirs Scaglione, singer, musician and composer born in Milan, Italy.

After a career that began in 1986 and which saw him founder of bands such as Bonecrusher, Middle Ages and Waywarson, in 2013 Parris, tired of having to depend on other musicians, decided to get back in the game and created his solo project named Parris Hyde. From the beginning it was clear the intention to create a character more than just a musician, starting from the name Parris Hyde , an evident reference to the Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Hyde double personality. The music also followed the same direction and the first songs were provocative and disturbing, as well as the image was shocking and horror.

Based on these premises, the first 4-track EP "I killed my wife with a knife" was recorded in 2014, mainly made to start spreading the name on specialized press and webzine. On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, the single "Metal Bells" was released, a metal version of Jingle Bells, with twisted lyrics.

At the beginning of 2017 Paul Crow took over from guitar.

The following year, in May 2018, the EP "Undercover I" was released, containing in addition to an unreleased song, unusual covers such as "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga and "Living next door to Alice" by Smokie

In the same year the ambitious short movie “Mors tua, Vita Mea” was made, a real cinematic trailer whose soundtrack, composed by Parris Hyde, does not consist of a classic Heavy Metal song but rather an orchestral and symphonic piece.


A series of changes in the lineup led to the current situation in which the band is made up of Parris Hyde, on vocals and guitar, Roby Kant on bass and Karl Teskio on drums


In the following years the band committed to the composition and recording of the songs that will make up the new album

Continuing a tradition of Christmas songs, for Christmas 2020 the unreleased single "Santa Wears No Mask" is released, an ironic criticism of the situation generated by the Covid-19 pandemic


The second album "Unlock your freedom", finally sees the light in April 2022, released by the record label "Missleader Records": already from the fantastic cover, created by the graphic studio "Saber Core", this is clearly the album of maturity for Parris Hyde: the songs become more particular and structured: a sort of intelligent Metal both in musical and lyrical contents, with references to both modern and classic and with veiled references to Hard Rock.

Out of any predefined scheme or cliché, there is no intentional reference either to groups or to a specific musical genre, which cannot be catalogued in the broadest sense of “Metal”




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