The new Video and Digital Single from the upcoming Album


New Video and Digital Single OUT 9th DECEMBER for the All Female Alternative Metal

Italian band,

The song is “Our Lady of Sorrows” from the upcoming album “The Call”

Here the words from the Singer Greta Antico:

“The lyrics of Our lady of sorrows represent a prayer raised to the sky, it is the question made by someone who does not find his place in the world and with the greatest despair has the intention to awaken a divinity, good or malevolent, from Her sleep. The desperate one calls her by different names to make sure he/she is not mistaken and in the end the deity responds and agrees to take the one who called her under her protection.

Ours is a warrior Goddess, barren mother of children who come to her in despair and who finally answers by asking for devotion and sacrifice in return, it is an exchange, a call to be part of a larger family, certainly very far from the "Christian Lady of Sorrows" but somehow close to the figure of "Mother".

This representation can also be interpreted as a voice, something that comes from the heart, an emotion that wakes up inside us and that pushes us to become something else, that asks us to move, that gives us the strength that we feel when it seems that nothing can save us, and then instead, gathered all our strength, allows us to succeed.”

The video was shot in the Ex Italcementi of Alzano Lombardo thanks to Richard Milella and Mr. Valsecchi, who takes care of the historic abandoned factory.

The lead actress is Sarah Locatelli, a friend of the band.

The video was shot by Elia Pavoni.

The video represents the protagonist in search of an answer, she hears music and tries to follow it, she needs to find a solution to her problems and she looks for it through Our Lady of Sorrows.

Instead she finds in her path the four of us, who in one way or another, guide her towards the "Cathedral" where we are playing.

Of course, by the time she gets there, it will be too late.

She will be left with a book though, and... who knows, it could be the solution to all her problems or her worst damnation…

Videoclip link: https://youtu.be/Nh8F_DsOufE

Digital single Links: https://bfan.link/our-lady-of-sorrows

The Call”, New album due on January 21st is available for the preorder at the following link:


The album will be distributed in Italy by EGEA MUSIC Italy, in Europe by CODE 7 UK and by WORMHOLEDEATH Japan, besides all digital platforms