Originally formed in 1982, they’ve now signed to Alpha Omega Management. ‘Temptation’, launched in March 2019, is now available.

In Flammen 666 – Heavy as hell, steel laden intro! Immediately, that hardened hook’s present and the power screams chime with the infectious chorus. This is classic, ending on a satisfied sigh of relief).

Rays In The Darkness – Slight time delay, but the thunderous electrifying impact compensates instantly. Slightly softer vocals here, introing harmonies, at the perfect point and it really connects. Gorgeously melodic and very much, the real deal. That voice is an absolute natural born power screamer and it ends definitively and cleanly, even if I did want more.

Rolling In The Fire – A bit of a strange intro there, but it does add a touch of mystery. Refreshingly cool and easy, with all that constitutes catchy, high octane, memory cementing metal. Just a great melody, laid-back, but tight rhythm, with a slightly looser edge to the riffs. Loving that final laugh).

Cut My Heart – A more sombre tone opens, blasting open the well of emotion evidently present. Getting heavier and angrier, it tells a story of pain and fighting a battle with life. Beautifully displayed narrative. Strong vocals, conveying the power of will and the struggle to maintain it. Same emotivity expressed in the riffs. Darkness pervades, as reality’s existence bites. More precise power screams close, with the heavy drum beats.

Demons Of Tomorrow – Introing with the most amazing riff melody! A speed element drives it forward. A strong anthemic strand lives within this, giving it life. Medicine for the soul. Combining traditional metal sounds, with new wave aspects and an overriding speed/power essence. Beautiful complex melodies. Pitch perfect vocals. Intense rhythms. All you could want and always a deliciously heavy close.


SKANNERS - Temptation CD

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